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The "Help at the meter" programme was launched in October 2022 to mitigate the impact of rising energy prices. This year, the Government will once again provide on-bill compensation for energy costs, as well as a cash payment for households that use either coal or firewood for heating.

The compensations are offered from the Energy Vulnerability Reduction Fund which is financed from the state budget and the contribution of the European Union, the United States and other development partners.

To qualify for energy compensations, domestic consumers must complete the online application by 25 March 2024, regardless of whether they registered or not in the information system last year.
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About the programme

Energy compensations are granted during the cold season of the year (November-March), depending on the household’s category of energy vulnerability: extreme, very high, high, medium, low, primary and with no energy vulnerability.

In the 2023-2024 cold season, the programme includes two types of compensations:
  • on-bill compensations for natural gas, centralized heating, and electricity-based heating
  • cash payment for households that rely on solid fuel for heating, such as firewood, coal, pellets etc.
The assigning of energy vulnerability categories is done automatically by the information system on the basis of parameters set by Government: income, number of family members, share of energy expenditure in the family energy budget, type of heating system used, etc.
Two ways to apply for compensations
Apply online
  • Create your profile on the website and log in using your phone number
  • Complete your online application
  • Wait for a response in your personal office
Apply with the help of a social worker or a librarian
  • Identify the social worker or the librarian nearest to you
  • The social worker or the librarian will help you fill out your application
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